RV Health & Fitness

Stay healthy while enjoying your RV!

Staying Healthy in Your RV

Stay happy and health while out on the road

You don’t need to sleep in the dirt or climb mountains to combine fitness and camping.

We’ve put together a list of ways you can stay fit and eat healthy while traveling in your RV.

Browse the information below and make use of these resources to stay in top shape while out on your adventures!

Health & Fitness Resources

Prioritize your health for a long and happy life of camping!


Along with walking, the physical practice of yoga is an awesome way to stay in shape that you can do anywhere. You don’t necessarily need a yoga mat! Hotel rooms, parks, RV’s, and even airports have space to get your flow on [:)] We can’t promise that you won’t get some weird looks while doing sun salutations when waiting for a flight, but we assure you that your body will feel good afterward! If you are new to the yoga practice, one of my favorite tools is the app called Yoga Studio. Try downloading different practices to your phone for a guide.  Check out WinnebagoGoLife.


For a fit RV lifestyle, kickboxing DVD’s are the best! It sounds kind of 80’s esque, but they are so great when the weather or parking conditions don’t allow an outdoor workout! Living on the road, going from place to place, doesn’t exactly leave room for a gym membership, so create your own in house gym. Using workout DVD’s are also extremely convenient when you don’t have internet to search for YouTube workouts! Keep some light hand weights stuffed in cupboard for some extra intensity. If you do have internet, POPSUGARFitness is a good source for on-the-go workouts (click here for videos).

Eat Healthier or Not!

 Having healthy meals while on the go is easier said than done! The OSG owners are definitely foodies and love to try new foods and places to eat in towns we’ve never been. It’s part of finding that local gem, but it is all about balance! Try choosing one or two spots that you can’t live without and stop there. And, just because you aren’t going to a fun restaurant doesn’t mean it won’t be a good time! Find a local park or beach and have a picnic. Everyone knows Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network. This probably won’t help you eat healthy, but it should help find the local “can’t-miss” eatery. For more on Guy Fieri and his next adventure, check out his FlavorTown website. Dirtpatcheaven may have some ideas for healthy cooking on your next camping trip (click here).

Smoothie Love

Some of our customers swear by smoothies, they are the easiest grab and go food! A Ninja food dicer should fit easily in your RV and may become your most valuable possession for smoothies. Try making a big batch of about 5 smoothies and put them in mason jars and have some ready to go for the next few days! Now when you hit your next destination, you don’t have to let food hold you up from exploring. Grab one and go! No one wants to see me hangry! Ninja Kitchen has some great smoothie recipes that are easy to follow (click here).

RV Calisthenics

Don’t have a yoga mat, boxing gloves, or a bag? Looking for something with a little more intensity. You’re already carrying it. That’s right, your body weight, its all you need. Good ole’ fashion push-ups, sit-ups, squats and a million variations of these will leave you whipped. The Wandering Wyatts are a fun couple living the RV life, yet still getting their workouts in. Watch one of their workouts here. A little too fast, check out The Fit RV for their workout video inside a Jayco.

Other Sources

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