RV Health and Fitness 


Along with walking, the physical practice of yoga is an awesome way to stay in shape that you can do anywhere. You don’t necessarily need a yoga mat! Hotel rooms, parks, RV’s, and even airports have space to get your flow on [:)] I can’t promise that you won’t get some weird looks while doing sun salutations when waiting for a flight, but I can assure you that your body will feel good afterward! If you are new to the yoga practice, one of my favorite tools is the app called Yoga Studio. I download different practices to my phone, that way I can have somewhat of a guided class even when I’m out of cell service or not in an area to take a drop in class.  I'm a certified yoga instructor besides owning On Solid Ground Rv & Boat Storage, so call me anytime for advice on postures you can do anywhere.


For my RV lifestyle specifically, kickboxing DVD’s are the best! It sounds kind of 80’s esque, but they are so great when the weather or parking conditions don’t allow me to workout outside! Living on the road going from place to place doesn’t exactly leave room for a gym membership, so create your own in house gym. Using workout DVD’s are also extremely convenient when you don’t have internet to search for YouTube workouts! I have some light hand weights as well that are easy to store and add some extra intensity.


Having healthy meals while on the go is easier said than done! I am definitely a foodie and live to try new foods and places to eat in towns I’ve never been. But it is all about balance! I choose one or two spots to try that I feel I can’t live without and limit myself to that. And just because you aren’t going to a fun restaurant doesn’t mean it won’t be a good time! Find a local park or beach and have a picnic!


I pretty much swear by smoothies, they are the easiest grab and go food! My ninja is probably my most valuable possession. I will make a big batch of about 5 smoothies and put them in mason jars and have some ready to go for the next few days! I’m always excited when we get to a new town, so a smoothie is something quick and healthy I can eat before going out adventuring. I also always throw a healthy snack of nuts or an apple in my purse to have throughout the day. No one wants to see me hangry!

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