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American Marine Sports

American Marine Sports is the manufacturer of three of the marine industry’s leading brands: BlackWood, ShearWater, and Sterling.

This builder offers some of the finest finishes in offshore vessels in their BlackWood brand, or you can “race” the backcountry in a Shearwater or stalk a Redfish in their Sterling flats boat.

These fine boats are made right here in Central Florida, specifically within Groveland and a short drive from The Villages®.

Be sure to check out their website to see if they have a boat that fits you. 

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EdgeWater Boats

EdgeWater builds some of the finest family and fishing boats in the industry.

They will tell you all about their Single Piece Infusion process that provides a solid hull and quality ride.

Be sure to check out their website to see if they have a boat that fits you.

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Everglades Boats

If you want a boat that matches luxury with fishing/capability, Everglades may do it the best.

These boats are made only 1.5 miles from our facility and are frequently seen running our local waters.

Whether you're considering a mid-size center console or their flagship 435, their website is worth a peek.

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Solace Boats

There may not be a more elegant fishing boat on the market than a Solace.

Designed by Steven Dougherty, who expands on the pedigree of Everglades Boats, Solace brings industry-leading innovations that will capture the eye of any maritime lover.

Solace has a narrow fleet of only four models, but Dougherty’s innovation is unlikely to stop here.

Keep an eye on this brand to see what new model will steal the show next. Check out their website for more information.

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Boston Whaler

These are no longer your daddy's Dauntless.

The builder that built its reputation on the "unsinkable" boat is still developing a top-quality boat.

From their 110 tender to their 420 Outrage, Boston Whaler builds their boats in Edgewater, Florida. Their plant is impressive and worth a visit. 

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Gause Built Marine

The Gause family is a custom boat builder that dares to venture from the status quo.

Some would say it’s a unique hull when Gausesays its features were intentionally designed to excel at critical aspects of fishing.

If you’re looking for a do-it-all boat, take a look at this Gulfcoast-based builder.

You can visit their website for more information.

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Canyon Bay BoatWorks

Canyon Bay is described by some as a competitor of Gause Marine with a low-rise transom countered by an accelerated bow flare.

A Kevlar-reinforced hull brings incredible strength and a solid ride in choppy seas.

If in the Sarasota area, this builder welcomes plant tours, so be sure to see their build process for yourself.

Want to learn more about Canyon Bay Boat Works, check out their website.

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Stuart BoatWorks

If you’re in Southeast Florida, Stuart BoatWorks should be a must-stop.

This semi-custom boatbuilder blends the “new” with the “old” better than any other builder.

A steep-entry bow with a rounded bilge offers a flat running attitude and directional stability akin to a much larger boat.

Want to learn more about Stuart BoatWorks visit their website.

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Twin Vee Boats

This Ft. Pierce-based boat builder offers catamaran boats between 24’ and 40’ feet focused on delivering a smooth ride in blue water.

According to the builder, their boats are increasingly versatile, allowing customers to use them for a wide range of activities(fishing, diving, water skiing, cruising, etc.).

Learn more about Twin Vee Boats by visiting their website.

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SeaHunter Boats

If you’re ready to take fishing and boating to the next level, look at SeaHunter.

To highlight the strength of their hulls, this builder has a viral video of a boat falling 20’ to hard concrete with no damage. It’s an impressive site.

These high-quality performance boats are paralleled by few and a brand to be considered for bluewater fishing.

Factory tours are available at their Homestead plant. Visit their website for more information.

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Contender Boats

Contender is another Homestead-based builder and premier fishing boat.

It is frequently found in the commercial fishing industry and tournament segment. 

With nearly 40 years of building boats, this semi-custom builder’s pedigree bleeds through their smallest model at 24’ through their largest at 44'.

For more information, visit their website.

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SeaVee Boats

Whether you’re interested in their 27’ bay boat or 45’ flagship for cruising to the Bahamas, SeaVee has a model for you.

This custom boat builder has a fleet of offerings with top-quality fit and finishes and rock-solid construction. 

50+ years of manufacturing has positioned this brand at the top of the fisherman’s list.

We recommend a visit to their new manufacturing plant in Medley, FL

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Invincible Boats

We shouldn’t be surprised to find another premium boat builder based in Florida.

Invincible is constructing a range of monohull and catamaran boats from the Opa-Locka location. 

This builder has one of the best tag lines: “when you’re serious” buy an Invincible.

True to form, these boats are for the serious fisherman so visit their website for more information.

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