Cooking Your Catch

A short guide to cooking the fish you catch!

Why Cook?

Be sure to following all rules and laws when catching fish

There are various reasons to cook your catch (where it’s legal)!

These reasons range from impressing friends with a home-caught and home-cooked meal to even helping out the environment.

Here are some tips and resources for cooking the fish you catch in the area!

Cooking Florida Fish

Fish you may catch and how to cook them!


Did you catch or spear a lionfish? Don't throw them back! They're an invasive species that are a threat to our reefs (NOAA Fisheries). But, they're also delicious to eat. Check out this video


Mosquito Lagoon offers world-class fishing for Redfish. They're seasonal and have a narrow slot, so be up to date with FWC regulations. Watch this cooking video courtesy of Wild Game Cooking.

Spotted Seatrout

When mixing it up for reds, you'll likely reel in a few Spotted Seatrouts. Make sure you stay under the FWC's daily bag limit. Backwoods Gourmet Channel has a detailed cooking video for this yummy fish.


You better be on the water when Cobia migrate through. Don't miss an opportunity to impress your friends with this incredible table fare. Our friends at DeerMeatForDinner will help you fillet it and Southern Living Kitchen has some cooking techniques.

Greater Amberjack

They don't call them "reef donkeys" for nothing. Make sure you eat your Wheaties before pulling in one of these monsters. Watch this thrilling video of Landshark Fishing catching and cooking this 90lb AJ.

Dolphinfish (Mahi Mahi)

There may not be a prettier fish swimming in the ocean. Seeing their colors light up when chasing bait is worth the work. DeerMeatForDinner is always providing good recipes, and here's a how-to video from them.

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